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A modern on-line service for customs clearance on transit freight declarations (T1)

Customs clearance online service for freights under external transit procedure T1. Customs notes for guarantees. The common veterinary entry documentation (CVED).

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Procedure online™ Service Benefits

  • Convenient submittal of cargo documents
  • Advance information on pre-arrival goods
  • Transit declarations T1
  • Cargo escort service
  • Saving clients' time and money
  • 24/7 service and client support
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About Procedure online™ service

cost optimization of international freight transportation

Nowadays when trading between countries is an integral part and a key to economic growth, it is clearly important to optimize the costs of freight delivery.

In order to avoid cost increase of cargo transportation and services, it is necessary to reduce costs at every stage, particularly to avoid large expenses for logistics and customs clearance time.

modern solutions for registration documents of transit procedure

"Procedure Online™" service is a modern solution in the field of customs declarations for goods in transit.

Procedure T1 - customs cargo transit through United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, France and other EU countries. Transit of goods from/to Switzerland, to/from Norway. Guarantee notes for customs duties. 24/7 client support without queuing and additional expectations.

optimal solution of electronic customs transit declaration of goods

When making a customs transit declaration, as well as any other customs declarations it causes a number of difficulties and bureaucratic hiccups.

This is the reason why the process of customs declarations must be trusted to professional services such as "Procedure Online™". This allows a client to avoid delays, arrests, unnecessary disturbances and other difficulties related to improper customs clearance.

How does Procedure online™ work

a convenient way to the customs declaration of goods

The client sends the declarant service "Procedure Online™" the necessary copies of the required documents by an e-mail and waits with the number of electronic declarations.

Instant customs declaration and convenient client support

"Procedure Online™" declarant on the basis of the submitted documents by the client (copies of CMR, invoices, registration certificate of the machine) as well as the name of the customs point will execute and provide a declaration documents to the customs authorities.

Instant electronic customs clearance

After the declaration is confirmed by the customs post, the declarant service "Procedure Online ™" automatically sends SMS to the client and the cargo truck driver the number of e-declaration. When the driver arrives at the customs point he can proceed to the examination directly without any delays.

Procedure Online™ Customs clearance service


"Procedure Online ™" operates with transit declarations obligatory by the European Union. 

The customs procedure of customs transit - customs procedure applied to foreign goods, in accordance with which such products are transported through the customs territory without payment of customs duties and taxes, special, antidumping, countervailing duties in compliance with the conditions for placing the goods under the customs procedure.

Non-European Union cargo transit declaration is issued together with the provision of guarantees for payment of customs duties and taxes. For goods having the status of internal customs, the procedure of customs transit is commonly applied if they are transported between customs points through foreign territory.

 Европейском Союзе транзитная декларация называется Т1. В ЕврАзЕС эта процедура обозначается кодом 80.

Advance information of pre-arrival goods

Information under construction.

the common veterinary entry document

For pre-arriving cargo which are liable under veterinary regulations of the European Union it is necessary to inform the veterinary border post through which the consignment is imported.

The necessary documents for cargo under veterinary regulations are being provided on the basis of the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED).

Advance information for cargo approval under CVED regulations is submitted electronically by the registered users via telecommunications system of veterinary services of the European Union.

Guarantee notes for customs transit procedures


The customs procedure of customs transit is required to ensure the safety of cargo in transit. The object appears not concern the goods themselves, as all duties, taxes and other charges, which in the case of loss of goods in transit will receive less state.

The main forms of collateral - is an insurance policy, certificate and provide the TIR Carnet (TIR).

Liability insurance policy for the payment of customs duties when moving goods under the customs procedure of customs transit shall issue an insurance company. The certificate gives surety to ensure carrying responsibilities for the fulfillment of tax obligations in the event that the taxpayer did not.

The TIR Carnet (TIR) is also the guarantee documents for a limited amount. If the amount of tax payable exceeds the amount of the guarantee is necessary to book an alternative way to cover the difference

Introduction of electronic data on the TIR Carnet (TIR) customs authorities of the point of entry / exit is possible with the use of technical means of data processing.

The system allows you to enter the electronic data of the transit declaration and send an e-customs. The software used is designed for the exchange of electronic data between the declarant, the bearer of the goods and the customs.

transit insurance services

Customs service "Procedure Online™" offers an extensive list of insurance services.

Cargo insurance during the entire route, including cargo storage and transshipment. Insurance of customs procedures. Liability insurance carrier (CMR insurance). Medical insurance risk in the journey. Green card insurance.

B2B cooperation

Beneficial cooperation for partners

We are ready to consider various forms of proposals. The basis of cooperation - benefit for the customer. We conclude the contract and you get the agent's commission fee.

You do not have to sit all day in the office. Leading clients, you get your reward. All obligations to provide services to the client and the remuneration is borne by us. You do not risk nothing more.

Mutual benefits for our partners

You yourself are distributing advertising and looking for customers.

When a client interested in our services, enter into a contract with us and pass the customer's staffing manager. Signing the contract with the Client, at the end of the month, you pay a fee. Our friendly team is always happy to cooperate.

We invite partners

We invite all interested parties to cooperate.

Our partners can be:
- Companies wishing to expand the range of services;
- Private individuals;
- Representatives of the customers.


About Baltic Gate Group

Our team

Service "Procedure Online™" - a team of professional declarants, providing a wide range of customs and brokerage and logistics services through the Internet.

Service Procedure Online ™ works around the clock, 7 days a week and are always ready to provide the customer with all the necessary services. We have all the necessary resources and expertise for a smooth and rapid electronic customs clearance.

We guarantee - all documents will be processed properly.

Our experience

"ODOX" Ltd  resident of «Baltic Gate Group» logistics holding.

Many years of experience in customs clearance and a large number of customers allow us to confidently claim that we will solve all your queries related to the registration of all customs procedures in the European Customs Union.

We offer customers a service "Procedure Online™" - a modern solution in the area of customs documents for goods in transit.

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